EKKEHARD HANS – ART RESTORER AND CONSERVER (Dipl.-Rest.Germany) Conservator of Art MSc.

 I have realized over the years how very few collectors and investors take proper care of their art. Art, more than any other valuable must be maintained.
The LEGACY of our Culture lies within this. South African Art is fast becoming sought-after internationally.
More often than not, I am ashamed witnessing the condition of Master Pieces. This effects the value and really says something about the ‘Collector/Seller’.
I urge patrons, collectors, new buyers and investors to preserve the Arts, and take responsibility in caring for our Art.
ART RESTORATION/CONSERVATION is one of the most important aspects in the ART WORLD.
The Professional Conservator:
-A Conservator is a professional responsible for the preservation of artistic and cultural artifacts, also known as cultural heritage
“The Professional Restorer and Conserver, EKKEHARD HANS impressed me with his capabilities and his wonderful attitude towards the Arts.
The first time I was in need of his services, I had a very difficult client. He was not prepared
That the valuable collection will be removed from sight. EKKEHARD offered to restore it
at the clients home.
With all his equipment, lights and all the magic in so many boxes and holders, he pitched up. In our presence EKKEHARD restored, cleaned (I call it Healing the Painting). We were privileged to observe how this very delicate artistry is accomplished”…… Louise FUTURE ART ERA.
His knowledge about our Art and all genres is astounding. His advise is solid gold and set in Stone.
He strictly abide by the following believes.
-The professional restoration and care of a Fine Art object prolongs the existence and in connection with that the capital and cultural historic worth of the original Art work.-
-Treatment by an untrained person on the other hand will lead to often irreversible damage of the Art object and an immense loss of estimation of the Art object-
-Conservation is complex and demands the collaboration of relevant qualified professionals. In particular, any project involving direct actions on the cultural heritage requires a conservator-restorer- (ICCOM)
-Professional Conservators alone possess the expertise to preserve cultural heritage in a way that retains the integrity of the object, including its historical significance, context and aesthetic or visual aspects-
“A Professional Conservator’s job is to ensure that the objects in a museum’s collection are kept in the best possible condition, as well as to serve the museum’s mission to bring art before the public”.
“The conservator must understand that it’s important to respect the integrity of the object and that his or her actions should not jeopardize the long-term preservation of the object.
Visit his Website for great examples of his capabilities.
Cell: + (0) 82 780 0358