Just something about me Louise/Louise Boshoff-Erasmus

Now at the age of 62 I really need to share what I love about art. To anyone that is prepared to listen and have eyes to see. I have grown up in the presence of the Great Artists of South Africa. I can name Errol Boyley, Titta Fasciotti, Tienie Pritchard and Adriaan Boshoff who was my father as well as so many others. All of them became our GREAT OLD MASTERS OF THE NEW CENTURY.

My whole life I have supported the LIVING ARTISTS. They need us Patrons to keep them alive and creating. Since the age of 4, I was dedicated to the Artists of our country. Although I do not have any talent for creating art, I was bestowed the talent of ART APPRECIATION. Always on the look out for new and exciting Art. Especially Creators with a serious mind, a purpose in their message and dedicated passion in the CRAFTSMEN-SHIP of being an GREAT ARTIST.

‘Especially to be a SOUTH AFRICAN ARTIST.’

We have to equal and better the best in the world. I am so proud of our Crop of creators. Through their art they bestow us with hope, believe, fun and teachings. Our Artists are receiving World-wide recognition and acknowledgement.

‘ It is the Patrons of SA that we should not fall behind in respecting our own’

I will introduce to the Art Lovers & Patrons as regularly as possible, the Artist that I believe in. I am extremely fanatical and passionate, but I do believe I have somethings to share………..Louise