Artists like Ruddha, brings us into a new world we find ourselves in, through Visual Art in a magnificent way.
True Artists with the amazing knowledge and experience in digital & photographic aspects, brought forth a NEW ART FORM which is part of our NEW WORLD.
They have the ability to control art without limits. This art can be captured on canvas, paper or metal.
Photo manipulators will always surprise us with their talent, creating a surrealistic fantasy world.
They are fast gaining public recognition worldwide.
“I love Ruddha, for his sincerity and unconditional love for Mother Earth & her Spirits, I only have the greatest respect. Passionately always he is repairing and uplifting tired souls. Immediately in his presence you realize that you are now surrounded by a strong positive energy.
I thank all the Powers that be, because now, more than ever, we are in need of spiritual guidance and universal understanding”…. Louise”.
The driving force behind the creative spirit of artist/musician Ruddha, is a deeply-sincere vision, a heart-felt desire to help humankind awaken to its true spiritual nature.
This, he says, is the calling of every sentient being on Earth: the realization that we are here, in the physical realm, to rediscover our spiritual origins and, indeed, our Awakening to them.
“It is my mission,” he says, “to facilitate Spiritual Awakening by means of my art and music.”
He explains that his visual art is often inspired by his music and vice versa: When he receives the inspiration to write music, for instance, he often reacts to this inspiration with a work of visual art – “an extension, in this physical realm, of the process of inspiration,” he says. A Veritable interaction with the higher realm portrayed in the media of both art and music.