When introduced to the art of JOYCE CARREIRA born in 1972, the discerned Art Lovers mind and soul will be opened to a journey of excitement, joy, laughter and most of all HOPE.
As one of SA most accomplished sculptors and painters JOYCE has proven over the years to be a worthwhile artist to invest in.
With classic realism and The Typical Joyce Character, sometimes tongue in cheek, she seductively absorbs you into her pieces. Art, which reaches you, creating realization that one can rise above ones situation. Facing your fears and installing a braveness that enables you to transcend.
(NB: All JOYCE’S sculptures are limited to maximum of 15 in a series)
For Joyce art is a visual kind of language: “Clay, paints, the textures, the lines and forms… they all speak to me, in different dialects”
She simply articulates what the magic in her mind whispers to her through the subtle shapes they take on beneath her creating hands.
In Joyce’s case no Brush ever gets a stroke. With her the magic is all hands-on. Directly. (A technique which belongs to her). It is with her palms and fingers that Joyce applies the paint and this is where the line between painting and sculpture becomes one.
Her subject-matter does not offend you. Its interaction is sensual; not lurid. The lure is always there, enticing the viewer, inviting us to enter the ART world of JOYCE Carreira.
A picture may well speak a thousand words, but when done in this alluring way, the ART OF JOYCE is always a Lorelei, drawing us closer and nearer with her sensual voice.
No surname signed – just “Joyce”