Eric Lubisi

eric-lubisiThe Unisa Art Gallery has chosen Eric Lubisi, as the first artist to be honoured for well earned recognition by black Tshwane Artists from the 1960-1970’s.

In October this year, this exhibition celebrated the Life and Artistic achievements of Eric, who turned 70 years old on 11 October 2016.

Eric has been a mentor to many young artists, and has been a friend of the Unisa Gallery for many years. This was the first time Eric has been formally rewarded for his contribution to the Art world.

Lubisi uses African Symbols and traditions in his depictions. His understanding of nature in the form of plants and birds find symbolism in his Art.

Not only interested in nature, but very aware of the conscious changes in his community, his Art has a certain Magical Shaman quality.

By brush and paint, he expresses pain and frustration at the negative aspect of our society.

He depicts the method of African Life and traditions, to relay his subject matters, which are presented in a metaphoric expression.

“ I don’t know how long this journey is going to be, but this exhibition was definitely not a arrival  nor is it a departure, this is just another day in the calendar of my life. A personal fulfillment of spiritual insight into the future, a freedom of inquiry and expression, struggle to revive the beauty and resilience of my culture and identity, a culture faced with extinction in this ever changing world. I am not alone in this journey and I just want to express my gratitude to all who have been with me”

Eric Lubisi 2016