As Souls we are infinite beings of Light and Joy. But in the human world we are confined to a body and limited by the mental and emotional programming of our thoughts, feelings, and belief systems until we begin to awaken and to clear out these programs.

For most people, these limitations allow us to only access a small portion of who we are. Science reveals that even on a good day, we only use 8% to 10% of our brains.

Initiation is the process through which we gain more and more access to our true Soul Self, our higher wisdom and abilities, and begin to slough off the emotional and mental debris that holds us back. When we become initiated at the First Initiation, we establish a hook up for ourselves with the Light and Sound of the Creator.

Then, at every subsequent Initiation, we open up our subtle energy bodies to increase that flow to greater and greater streams of light, allowing us to become a stronger and clearer channel for the Creator.