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Anton De Klerk is an fulltime South African artist with a unique abstract expressionistic style.  Inspired by nature and his love of colour he creates vibrant, expressive art of profound emotion and universal themes.  His images resonate with movement and positive energy.

Anton draws on his experience with many different mediums but mainly uses a combination of wood, steel and acrylic paint.  Occasionally he adds copper, other metals and pewter to the mix.  He has developed a unique way of handing these mixed media to create masterpieces which reflects his inner understanding of matters of the heart, soul and spirit.

Each new piece of inspired art is carefully planned, engraved on wood and then painted with acrylics rich with emotional colour and texture.  Anton’s art has an ethnic feel and speaks to the mind and soul of the observer.  His work can be defined as a balance between mastery of technique, expressing an opinion and eliciting an emotional response. The ultimate goal is to seek truth and to confidently share what he finds.

His artistic career started in 1989 when he resigned from his corporate job, backpacked through Europe and travelled the US extensively, producing African curios and ethnic custom jewellery to pay his way.  During this journey he sold his first two paintings.  Back in South Africa he created unique home décor which was a combination between the African culture and Western traditions and was sold in many décor shops all over South Africa.

At the age of 50, Anton decided to live his dream as a fulltime artist in the beautiful Waterberg District in Limpopo, South Africa.  The masterpieces he now creates derives from his jewellery and décor art and engraving experience.

Anton has exhibited his work in many art galleries, group shows and one-man shows since 2015. His commissioned works hang in many corporate spaces, lodges and private collections throughout South Africa.

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